KMM 72 – Manual Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine

KMM 72
Manual Fly Ash BricksMaking Machine
6 Bricks/Stroke, 625 Bricks/ Hour

Product Details

Machine CodeKMM 72
Installed Capacity & Power25hp, 3 Phase
Bricks Per Stroke6 Bricks/Stroke
625 Bricks/ Hour
(depends on operators speed)
Brick Size230mm X 110mm X 75mm
(or as per your requirement)
Tonnage of Hydraulic Pressure72 ton with vibrator
Strength of Bricks100-150 KG/CC
depend on material mixing
Raw MaterialFlyash, Sand, Hydrated Lime & Gypsum or Flyash, Sand & Cement
Total Land for ProductionMinimum 2000 sq.m.

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Note: For all models of Fly Ash Bricks Machine, you can even make Pavers. The only thing you need to purchase extra for this is Color Mixer, Paver Mould & Color Feeder.

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