Fully Automatic Fly Ash Bricks/Blocks/Paver Making Machine

Fully Automatic Fly Ash Bricks/Blocks/PaverMaking Machine

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Today’s world believes in perfection, defined production and on time delivery with minimal interference of man power. To serve this high end world Karmyog came up with “Fully Automatic Machine” which requires very less man power and promises quality outcome. All automatic models of Fly Ash Bricks/Blocks/Pavers can be converted into fully automatic machines; the only thing a customer requires is to invest extra in Batching Plant (in Batching Plant the required raw material is transferred to 3 bins with the help of Tractor Loader. From here, the raw material will be automatically weighed in pre-determined proportion and transferred to pan mixer through Conveyor Belt System) and Front End Stacker (front end stacker is used to stack green bricks/pavers/blocks on hydraulic pallet truck up to lines after that it is transferred to storage area for curing).

A fully automatic Fly Ash Bricks/Blocks/Paver Making Machine is controlled by Control Panel with PLC programming system to help automation of raw material feeding, mixing, conveyor belt operating to bricks formation & bricks output. One skilled worker can handle the system & it helps to overcome limitations of man power. The 7inch touch screen helps the user to view the process of Machine and at the same time the user can track daily production outcome with the help of Panel.

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